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IWD 2021: The Other Pandemic We Ought To Be Talking About

NORDREF has compiled studies and articles that show increased online abuse of women and girls worldwide.

March 8, 2021. The Covid19 pandemic has been a global reality for over a year, and the online effects are beginning to show. For some, it was instantaneous. The UK Revenge Porn Helpline received twice as many reports of online abuse in March last year than in any four week period prior to that. In York County, Pennsylvania, reported online abuse went up 700%. In Denmark, with an unprecedented amount of people spending an unprecedented amount of time online due to pandemic regulations, online child sexual exploitation went up 300%. Women and children are particularly targeted and impacted by online abuse, and the situation is dire enough for the UN to dub it the "shadow pandemic." In a time in human history, when being online has never been more important to sustain jobs and social lives severed by the pandemic, women and girls are being driven offline. This doesn't only affect women's lives, it also weakens the digital economy and undermines democracy.

Today, on International Women's Day, NORDREF presents a compilation of studies, articles and research from all over the world about the other pandemic we ought to be talking about – and seeking to cure. More on #IDW2021

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