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"I'll Rape You Next Tuesday" is the Only Credible Threat

Dr. María Rún Bjarnadóttir, NORDREF co-founder and Director of Internet Safety at the National Police Commissioner of Iceland, was interviewed about the research that profiles perpetrators of gender-based online abuse, including sexual harassment, image-based sexual abuse and threats. Amongst the things she discussed was how narrowly threats are interpreted in Denmark, one of the countries that participated in the research, where it is not enough for a victim to be threatened with rape, the threat has to specify a specific point in time to be considered credible by the authorities. "I'll come over to your house and rape you" is not enough for a victim to press charges, it would need to be "I'll come over to your house on Tuesday and rape you" to classify as a threat in Denmark. This and more in the interview (in Icelandic) with María Rún at RÚV, the National Broadcasting Service of Iceland.

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